My best friend told me, ” I’ve never seen such a person who respects high-heels through a way of walking” . She loves high-heels, too and she also happens to be one of my clients. She has been taking my high-heels lesson for 52 times already. I am glad to hear her word. As a matter of fact, I am so proud of my job. I am not a shoes designer, I can’t even create beautiful high-heels, but I can express myself on how to walk elegantly wearing such high-heels. I can walk elegantly in high-heels as a coach. Walking elegantly in high-heels is the same as art, music, picture, movie and so on. For my work, it is not enough that I could walk elegantly and teach my clients the technique. But the most important things is to have full sensitivity and emotion everytime. Walking in high-heels is not just about the rules or the technique but the emotion and expressions are also included. Thanks to my sensitivity, it can transform my posture, aspect and my sense of artwork. I have devoted my life to high-heels and most especially to my job as a high-heels coach.