As for me, it is important to enjoy having time with delicious meal. Fortunately, I live in Paris. I can easily touch and feel the art of food. My favorite restaurant is Cobéa. It is located near my house. It takes only 15minutes by walk. Their plate are so amazing! They give me the feeling of high creation. In addition, wine is so wonderful, too. We can feel the harmony between great dishes and great wine. Having a meal is not just to satisfy our appetite. There are other more important things, the pleasure in feeling their art and to spend enjoyable time as well. It can be with our loved ones or by ourself. It is not just about the food, not just to eat, but the feeling is more important. The dishes are created by the chef with high art impression. They are like picture or statue which we can find in the museum. Their dishes are artfully created. How do you feel about such kind of dishes? That is not just food for our stomach, they are chef’s masterpiece. We just don’t eat them, we appreciate and indulge in it. They are consider as an art or a craft, carefully and delicately done just like high-heels. This website is my favorite restaurant Cobéa.