Cinderella shoes

How time flies! It is already the beginning of July. I am busy this week , but I feel great! My clients came to Paris from England and Japan to take my high-heels lessons. They spend several days in Paris. They are so impressed after being able to walk in high-heels elegantly. It is not so easy to walk with them, it takes a lot of time and motivation. But once you achieve the technique and consciousness, you will be very surprise at yourself. One of my clients found new high-heels in Paris. She had been looking for a new high-heels for a long time. She had been trying to put on those shoes,  but they never fit her. She couldn’t find a high-heels which she would fall in love with. So, she is so happy to find such beautiful high-heels in Paris. Thanks to those gorgeous heels. her motivation to walk in high-heels became stronger. I call those high-heels as  “Cinderella shoes”. Because as you know, it is very difficult to find a heels which will match our feet, our taste and our fashion sense. Once we found them, they will only be just for us. Your Cinderella shoes will definitely change your way of walking and would make you realize and respect the art of high-heels. By the way, my client’s Cinderella shoes is white.