As your personal doctor

A pair of high-heels can be your best friend, If you can walk with them properly. But if you can’t do it, it may damaged your body. We should think about it. Stop making excuses. If you can’t walk with it properly and elegantly,  it caused you some problem. It has definitely some reasons. Don’t blame your high-heels. Definitely, it’s not because of your high-heels but it’s because of how you walk with it. I could assure you that if you have achieved the proper way of walking, your high-heels will work like a doctor. High-heels can give us some signs when we have a problem in our body. when we are tired, we can’t keep in balance with our high-heels. When we are about to have our period, we can’t carefully or delicately feel our body. That’s why when you put on high-heels in the morning, you can recognize your swollen legs. But if we wear our high-heels every day, we can notice the changes or signs easily. We can’t recognize them if we are wearing flat shoes. I would say again, high-heels can be your best friend and your personal doctor.

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