I gave three high-heels lessons this week with a woman who lives in Japan. Before she took my lessons, she had complex about her legs. She exercises stoically and seriously at sports club, but she couldn’t change her legs form. She have been dreaming of having a slimmer legs. For her, high-heels was not only a beautiful accessory but she also wanted to make use of it’s purpose to hide her complex and to make her as tall as possible. She is 154cm, so she also have a complex with her height. During our lessons, her legs actually transformed into her ideal ones, her legs have toned beautifully. She could finally bid farewell to her insecurities. Why her legs transformed into ideal ones? I can only give you one answer…. it is because she have learned how to walk properly in high-heels. She realized how to control her body balance and how to use her muscles appropriately. Can you imagine how happy she was?! She achieved her ideal legs, now she want to buy simple and chic high-heels. She doesn’t need to care about hiding her complex. She gained her self confidence! She told me that she will come to Paris for high-heels lesson periodically. We only had three lessons so far, but she had a big transformation already. She is looking forward to having more advance classes with me. That’s her ultimate goal! I am proud of her transformation.