The Art We Are

Walking is not only an act of going somewhere, destination. We don’t use our legs only for this purpose. As one quote said ” The journey is better than the destination”. We can also apply this quote to how we walk on our way to our destination. Going there, is important of course, but once we arrive, it’s done. How we go there, takes a longer time. So, how we walk to reach our destination should be more important. Especially, walking in high-heels is consummate art! If you see a woman who can walk in high-heels perfectly. It’s either you respect or envy her. But you also must think of more important things. That is not luck. I am sure that she made an effort to master walking in high-heels and is very conscious on aesthetic. We can’t definitely become attractive without effort. Those process and effort just don’t lift our feet, but we must make an effort to do it cunningly. If we can do it like her, we could be such woman! Nothing is impossible with proper training, effort and a strong motivation.