Don’t stand on our heel

It takes a lot of time to control our body balance when we walk in high-heels. There is no short cut, we must do it one at a time, step by step. Don’t rush! Patience is a must! It is not as easy as building blocks, or solving a puzzle. Do you remember when you were still a child? We used to have a lot of practice to ride a bicycle, we tried it several time, until finally we can ride on it. How to walk in high-heels elegantly is almost the same process as I mentioned above. We can’t master it without practice. Practice makes perfect, like those kids who are so enthusiastic in learning how to ride on their bicycle. They never stop, until finally they realize and discover the technique. Using our abdominal muscles, which means not bending our knees, which I have already mentioned in the previous article. In addition to these  consciousness, another important factor is how we stand when we have those heels on our feet.It is natural for us to stand on our heel, unconsciously. So, many women can’t control their body balance which can be the cause of lower back and knee pain. I will give you a pice of advise. We must always stand on the ball of the big toe. As long and as much as we can. This skill is also difficult but it is essential in high-heels walking. You can have other benefit from doing it so, it can also definitely transform your legs into a more attractive ones.

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