High Heels × Perfume

To be more attractive and sexier, we need the high-heels and perfume philosophy. These two have something in common. I am not a perfume specialist but I love and need them. Perfume is like high-heels. If you wish to become like a woman you’re aspiring for, definitely you must choose to aim for the kind of woman who is a little bit higher or better than you. But when we dream like this, it should be more realistic to make it more possible. For example, if we dream of becoming somebody like Marilyn Monroe, Well, it will never happen because she is an extraordinary woman. So we must dream of something more reachable and achievable. You shouldn’t choose perfume which would not give you inspiration and creation. It is very important that the perfume we are wearing could awaken our inspiration. If you can’t feel it, it’s time for you to switch your perfume. It seems like a journey because we have to continue looking for it until we find them. It’s the same thing with high-heels. By trying to achieve them with much effort, you can be ideal woman someday or it can be soon, if you have high level of motivation to become the woman of your dreams. By the way, I am always wearing the perfume SHALIMAR by Guerlain. It gives me full sensitivity and makes me a voluptuous woman. That feeling is very important, when we walk in high-heels. Not just looking sexy but feeling sexy as well as.