All day

Many clients ask me, “How long do you wear high-heels in a day?”. I firmly say “All day”. I work as a high-heels coach, so it’s natural for me to wear it all day long.

But I just want to say is that wearing high-heels all day makes me feel more confident and feminine. In my daily life, right after taking a bath in the morning until I have my dinner in the evening, I wear my beautiful high-heels. During my lesson and while staying at home, (actually even when doing household chores)

I make sure to wear Giuseppe Zanotti Design. Those heels are 15cm! Whenever I go out, I would wear Sergio Rossi, because it’s quite shorter by 5cm than Giuseppe Zanotti Design’s one. Naturally, I wear those heels when I take my son to nursery, pick him up or bring him to the park.

No matter how active my boy is, no matter how busy I am, no matter how tiring tidying up my house is, I never take off my symbol!! Because high-heels can keep our motivation and can develop our potential. Whether you are a mother or still single, you definitely need high-heels. Whether you are a career woman or a housewife, you also need them. Do you want to be more fascinating? Do you want to be sexier?

Do you want to be a woman with oozing power and confidence?  I have one answer to these questions….definitely a pair of nice high-heels can help you become such woman. You can achieve it by wearing your gorgeous high-heels all day. You will be surprised by the magical power the high-heels can give you.

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