Abdominal muscles

I have a question to you. How will you keep your body balance when you walk in high-heels? Probably, most people would say that it’s their legs or their arms. But the answer is….Can you guess? It’s our abdominal muscle. Many women try to control their body by swaying their arms. They kept on relaxing their muscles. Using abdominal muscles when walking can’t be learned normally. We call them inner muscles or local muscle. It is difficult to control them by ourselves. So, what should we do? We must pull out our abdominal muscles everytime we walk or sit.  We must not lose control of our abdominal muscle. We should pull it out whenever,  wherever possible. It can’t be learned overnight,  it may take some time.  But if you master this technique,  you won’t just learn how to walk in high-heels but you will also have a more toned waist. it’s like hitting two birds in one stone!

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